You want your wedding day to be as unique as you and your love! So let’s take that dream and make it a reality for every aspect of your big day – even the food. We’re going to take you on a journey to find the perfect wedding reception desserts to serve that your guests will be talking about for months after your wedding day! Find a napkin because these are delicious enough to drool over just from the pictures…

1. Dessert Trifles

Dessert TriflesPhoto from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

This is a fun way to work your wedding colours into your desserts! Trifles are iconic for their beautiful layers and delicious fruity taste. You can create these in any container and size to fit your style.


2. Finger Desserts

Finger DessertsPhoto from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Everything’s cuter when it’s little! A variety of colourful finger desserts placed on tiered displays make for a perfect reception dessert table. These are easy to replenish as well, so your guests can keep coming back for more goodies.


3. Filled Fruit

Spunky1Photo from

Fruit is always delicious, but add something tasty in the middle and you have yourself a real treat! Try placing ice cream or gelato in a chilled lemon, lime, or orange rind. Fill strawberries with cream and a dash of your favorite nut topping. You can’t go wrong with these fun desserts!


4. Candy


Photo from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Let’s face it, everyone loves candy! Find a medley of jars and/or cans to add variety to your candy table. Fill the containers with your favorite candies to really show off your personalities and provide cups or bags for your guests.

5. Chocolate Spoons

Chocolate Spoons


Photo from

If you want something really unique on your dessert table then try these creative chocolate spoons. Add melted chocolate to the spoon and some vibrant candies for a fun design. You can display them in containers or patterned flat on the table. Your guests will love this spoonful of sugar!


6. Ice Cream Cone Fruit Cup

Fruit-Salad-Ice-Cream-Cones71Photo from

Take a moment and appreciate how adorable this dessert is! Fruit balls and berries fill these ice cream cones perfectly to give them that familiar ice cream shape and add a unique twist on this traditional treat! You’ll definitely have people oooing and ahhing over these!


7. Banana Bites

banana bitesPhoto from

Banana splits are delicious but they can get a little messy with all of the toppings. Try these adorable bite sized versions for an easy finger treat that your guests will love! Having them pre-made in this fashion will cut down on the mess and cost. Since they are miniature they are that much cuter!


8. Doughnut Station

doughnut station 2Photo from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Give your guests a fun and interactive dessert station where they can make their own doughnuts! With delicious caramel or chocolate syrups and a variety of toppings, these round bundles of sweetness will be a hit at your special evening!


9. S’mores

IMG_6722Photo by the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Create s’more excitement with this buffet of sugary childhood nostalgia. A variety of chocolate bars and graham crackers can add a unique flair. Everyone will enjoy roasting their own mallows, but make sure to have someone there to help the kids!


10. Cake Pop Ice Cream Cones

Cake Pop Ice Cream ConesPhoto by

Cake pops are delicious and fun but when you present them in a completely new way they become even more exciting! Try this creative presentation by placing a cake pop on an ice cream cone and decorating it like actual ice cream. These are almost too cute to eat!