There are lots of things that are always bad ideas at your wedding but then there are others things you may overlook, because you’ve never had a wedding before. Some things, like a videographer, may seem like a vendor you could easily scratch from your list (who really watches their wedding video?) but people will tell you not to do this. Then there are little things, like comfortable shoes, that you won’t think about until it is difficult to dance. And you should be dancing. It’s your wedding.

Below are 10 things that brides have told us you will totally regret not doing at your wedding.

1. Not hiring a videographer




Most couples spring for a professional photographer, but don’t set aside funds for a wedding video. This is a huge mistake; a wedding video is something you’ll cherish in the long run (imagine yourselves watching the video on your 20th anniversary. Aww!). Plus, thanks to innovations in film and editing, the quality of these videos is better than ever before.

 2. Not getting high res, un-watermaked images as a part of your photographers contract


Hi-Res, No Watermark Photos


It’s hard to make a decision about prints, or to share them, when there’s a giant watermark on them. Make sure that your wedding package includes access to high res, un-watermarked photos – provided on a disc or via a file sharing site. You should only have to pay extra for prints.

3. Making guests wait too long to eat


Wedding Food


Simply put, they’ll get too drunk. Make sure you have snacks during cocktail hour, immediately after the ceremony. If the food budget is an issue, a simple crudite and cheese station will go a long way.

4. Not having an open bar


Open Bar


Because a cash bar is always no bueno. It’s one of the cardinal rules of keeping guests happy. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs, consider offering only wine, beer and a signature cocktail.

5. Booking a great hotel for your wedding night


Wedding Night Hotel


Make sure it is at least a three star hotel. It’s your first night together as a married couple! You deserve a plush robe and a mint on your pillow.

6. Not taking enough family portraits: Maybe it’s raining and everyone wants to go inside.


Family photo


Maybe it’s 100 degrees outside and your mother-in-law claims she’s going to faint. Too bad. Make everyone suck it up, because how often do you have all the members of your family and extended family in one place? And they’re all dressed up? Never. Now say “Cheese!”

7. Not having toned arms for photos



This is especially true if you are wearing a ballgown that covers pretty much everything else. Forget dieting or working out like a mad woman before the wedding; the only thing that is really exposed are you arms, so just focus on them. Try high-reps with low weights.

8. Not taking the 10 minutes alone with your groom right after the ceremony just to “take it all in”



It’s one of the many things you can do between your ceremony and reception — and a very good idea. Once you step out into that reception everyone will want a photo, a hug, a look at your dress, etc. You may not see your groom all night.

9. Not blotting with oil-absorbing sheets


Oil Blotters


Your makeup artist will strongly suggest using oil-absorbing sheets at some point during the reception. This is because you’ll probably be wearing more moisturizer and foundation than usual; add sweat from dancing and the result is a shiny T-zone. You don’t want to look shiny in your photos, so trust us on this one and keep a pack of these in your maid of honors’ kit, and task her with reminding you to use them.

10. Wearing comfortable shoes



Cheap shoes are even worse at your wedding than on a typical weekday. You will be on your feet for pretty much the whole day, so be sure to pick shoes that are comfy. Or switch to cute flats for your reception.