1. It’ll take you a while to get used to wearing your engagement ring

You’ll keep catching it on things and it will feel heavy and alien. It’s not all bad though (obviously) – you’ll also find yourself hypnotised by it, unable to stop yourself from holding it up to the light and admiring it. Ooh, sparkly…

2. You and your groom-to-be probably won’t agree on all the details straight away

But that’s good! Your wedding day will be based on your personality as a couple and that means you will inevitably disagree on certain things. Never agree for the sake of it – and FYI, grooms, only half-paying attention and nodding along with anything the bride says doesn’t count as an opinion.

3. The childhood dream you grew up with probably won’t happen

For one thing, the groom is totally different to the Prince Charming you had in mind when planning your fantasy wedding (Johnny Depp, anyone?). Partner aside, you’ll probably find that your tastes have totally changed over the years. Whereas your younger self might have daydreamed about tying the knot in a grand castle, the present-day you will probably have your heart set on something else entirely.

4. You’ll realise how important organisation is…

You’ve not been this organised since… Well, ever. You’ll find yourself musing disbelievingly – as you update your planning spreadsheet whilst cross-referencing dress-fitting appointments with cake-tasting sessions – over how you could have ever been quite so un-disorganised. (Yeah. That’s totally a word.)

5. Wedding planning = a learning curve

Arguably one of the most important lessons you and your groom will learn is the art of delegation. Instead of stressing yourselves out by organising the whole day on your own, enlist the help of your bridal party to aid you in planning your celebration. 

6. You will have doubts

As with any big committment, there will be an edge of doubt and uncertainty. Don’t read into it; after all, it’s perfectly natural to feel nervous when faced with the unknown. Focus on why you’re marrying your partner and ignore the jitters – it would be more unusual to not have them!


7. Wanted: sensible underwear, GSOH

That sexy wedding night lingerie? Don’t wear it during the day. Instead, opt for ‘sensible’ underwear that will keep you feeling comfortable and supported. Arguably, ‘granny pants’ aren’t cool but they will keep everything in place – and besides, who’s going to know?

8. You will cry. Don’t fight it

You might pride yourself on never shedding a tear (not even during the finale of Les Miserables) but youwill shed a tear or two on your wedding day. Seriously! Embrace the emotion but remember – not even your industrial-strength waterproof mascara will stop a lone streak of black trickle down your cheeks. Ask your Maid of Honour to keep tissues with her so you can dab away any tears, as well as a few beauty essentials so you can reapply your make-up as and when needed.

9. You probably won’t do ‘it’ on your wedding night

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger! Gone are the days of being ‘put to bed’ together – instead, it’s more a case of dragging a drunken bride and/or groom off the dancefloor at 4am. However, it doesn’t really matter, does it? You’ve just had the best party of your life and, after all, married life has only just begun…

10. Prepare to feel a little miserable once it’s all over

You’ve devoted months of your life to planning the best day ever and now it’s all over! Yes, it’s a grim thought but rather than dwelling on the fact your wedding day is over, focus on the exciting future you and your groom have together.