A wedding album provides a chronicle of one of the most important days of your life. It is therefore important to choose only the best images that capture this exceptional day. Below are ten steps to follow when selecting the best photos for your wedding album.

  1. Select images that tell a story


The first step to creating the wedding album of your dreams is to select images that tell a story. Viewers love a good story and by selecting the right photos, your wedding album can narrate the story of your very important wedding day.


  1. Alternate close-ups with full shots


Be sure to also alternate the close-up images with full shots to create an appealing variety of imagery in your wedding album.


  1. Select emotions


Another good way of choosing the right images for your wedding album is to select emotions that have been captured.


  1. Minimum traditional family (they make albums a bit boring)


Try as much as possible to avoid traditional family shots as these tend to make wedding albums boring. If you must have these, ensure that they are done tastefully and kept to a minimum.


  1. Lots of Details


For a great wedding album, be sure to go for images with lots of details. This way, the photographer will have more to play with when capturing your memorable moments.


  1. A bit of images from every part of the day: getting ready, ceremony, couple together, reception


The composition of an attractive wedding album will typically comprise of bits of photos from every single portion of the big day. This may include shots of the bridal party getting ready, what goes on during the ceremony, the bridal couple alone together, as well as the reception.


  1. Select all the images you like then gradually eliminate to keep the best ones


Another useful tip for creating the wedding album of your dreams is to first pick out all the images you like, and thereafter gradually eliminate those you don’t like, such that you are able to end up with only the best images.


  1. Start selecting the ones you like as soon as you look at them for the first time, your eye will be fresh


For the ultimate amazing wedding album, begin by selecting the photos that appeal to you at first glance. This is important as your eye is fresh at such a time and not exhausted from looking at the same images over and over again during the selection process.


  1. If you can’t make a choice put both (we will pick the better of the two)


When creating your wedding album, if you find yourself unable to make a choice between two images, simply include both into the album and later on, have your photographer assist you in selecting the better of the two.


  1. Have fun. It should not be hard. If it becomes too hard let us do it for you.


The last thing to remember when creating your wedding album is to have fun. Putting your album together should not be a difficult or tiresome process. If you feel challenged during this process, consult your Montreal wedding photographer to assist you in coming up with the album of your dreams.