Invitation card is one of the special parts of the wedding which is chosen very carefully. If you want to make your wedding beautiful and memorable with pretty cool invitation designs then here we have the collection of gorgeous wedding invitation designs. Have a look!

1. K+L Wedding Invitations

This beautiful letterpress invitation is for an outdoor wedding purpose which is designed by Loren Klein. See it here.

K+L Wedding Invitations

2. H Wedding

This creative H Wedding invitation design is by Hyun Auh that represents the union of bride and groom. The two vertical bars interlace and twist into a H which indeed is an initial letter of their names.

H Wedding1

H Wedding2

3. Wedding Invitation

Chase Kettl created this design in Illustrator then laser cut the design onto thin pieces of wood. See it here.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation2

4. Fer & Nora

Wedding invitation designed by La caja de tipos for Fer and Nora. See it here.

Fer & Nora

5. Join us in the Woods

This wedding invitation is designed by Ian Collins for his own wedding. It is available here.

Join us in the Woods1

Join us in the Woods2

6. Ludwig-Allmett Wedding Package

This custom wedding invitation is by Primaluxe. It is available here.


7. D&K Wedding Invitation

This is an attractive wedding Invitations and Photography by Bureau Rabensteiner for a beautiful wedding on Mallorca. See ithere.

D&K Wedding Invitation1

D&K Wedding Invitation2

8. CMYK Themed Wedding Invitations & More

This is a gorgeous Invitation and wedding collateral suite by Lauren Okura. See it here.

CMYK Themed Wedding Invitations & More

9. Wedding invite

This is the wedding tea party invitation by Bruno Vergauwen. See it here.

Wedding invite

10. Ricard and Marta’s Wedding

For Ricard and Marta’s wedding invitation, designer Bildi Grafiks designed a special box of chocolates where a letter is concealed beneath each chocolate and once you eat them up, you can reveal the complete message.

Ricard and Marta2

Ricard and Marta1