There’s a lot to planning a wedding, and the pressure is on to make it perfect. But again and again couples make some of the same mistakes when planning a wedding. Let’s face it; you’re only human so not everything will go to plan when planning a wedding, but we’ve found the 10 common mistakes couples make and show you how to avoid them!

Spending too much on the dress 

Don’t blow your budget on the dress! Yes you’ll look amazing, but the rest of your wedding won’t make the grade. Set a dress budget and stick to it.

Comparing with others 

You had a great idea for your wedding, then you see another idea you love, then another, and another… Instead of worrying about what other people are doing, create a wedding that’s personal to you and stick with your plan – don’t get distracted.

Going on a crash diet

Wedding planning is tough enough; so don’t make it worse by going on a fad diet to lose weight before the big day. Just eat healthy and find a gown in a size that fits you.

Give plenty of notice

Deciding on invitations can take so long that you send them out at the last minute! You might have invited people face-to-face but they still need an invitation with all the info about the wedding. People make plans, so send out invitations as soon as possible and give people plenty of time to reply.

Overscheduling your day

You have one day and you’re going to fill it. But rather than scheduling every minute of your day you can take a more relaxed approach and give people some time to relax between activities.

Worrying about your guests

You want your guests to have a good time, but that shouldn’t be the focus of your day. Avoid the obvious things people hate (forced conga lines and karaoke) and you’ll be fine!

Be assertive 

There will be people telling you how you should do things and when, but you should be assertive and stand up for yourself. We’re not talking about flipping out, but make your point clearly and precisely.

Throwing away money

Don’t think that spending lots of money on something means it will be the best! Read reviews, ask for recommendations and shop around. You can ask to speak to customers and where possible check out a company’s past work.

Consider each other

It takes two to make a marriage, and so it should take two to plan a wedding. Check in with each other and make sure you are both on the same page. Try and plan together so you both get a say about the day.

Don’t panic

Things might go wrong, but try not to panic and have a meltdown. There’s nothing to be gained by going into panic mode. Try stay calm and take everything in your stride.